Bronze Sculpture Girdled Figure among trees

Humans Are Nature

A reunion for healing people and the planet

This exquisite bronze by Tom Czarnopys snuck up on me as it blended with surrounding greenery and trees. Then, it drew me in deeply.

The melding of human body and tree trunk – absent flourishing green leaves and human arms and head – is a perfect representation of the crises we now face.

As in the beloved children’s book The Giving Tree, a tree that abundantly and freely gives fruit and shade dies when humans harvest its wood and pulp.

Likewise, in industrial, market-driven culture built on more stuff and status, humans distance ourselves from wholeness.  As we cut off connection with our inner being and natural surroundings, we suffer and endure disease and discord.

Nature thrives on cycles, and it destroys with cycles. Humans decide with our actions at home and in corporations and government whether to be in harmony with nature’s regenerative power or to extract to the point of barren land, polluted oceans and dried up rivers.

We all know it. We’ve reached the breaking point, and now is the critical moment to act boldly, collectively and with persistent determination.

The sculpture shows exactly what human greed and entrenched systems have done to nature, to humans and our environment.

I invite you to let this sculpture reach you deeply and move you to make choices today and every day forward to regenerate life and vitality. If you’re an executive or entrepreneur, you can put millions and billions of resources into regenerative practices. Please stop pretending you can’t release from the entrenched ways. You must. We must. We can.

Regeneration is the future when change starts today.

. . . .