Meet Sara

Meet Sara Sara J Hebert Coaching

Sara Hebert works with people wired for growth. She helps entrepreneurs, executives and meaning-makers of all kinds build a stronger inner game to thrive in any conditions. Her work as coach and business professional draws on two decades of success and deep understanding of how individuals and organizations thrive. Creating meaningful change is Sara’s sweet spot.

Sara is a dot connector, an and person: Heart and horsepower. Business and human essence. Discipline and play. Elbow grease and trust. Even her credentials are combo: two undergrad degrees in business and psychology, an MBA in finance and strategy from Yale School of Management, and certification as a transformative coach.

Her interests include skiing and mountain sports, camping, sailing, and brain and human performance science. Sara is a professional ski instructor, mother, dedicated wellness and nutrition practitioner, student of astrology, outdoor enthusiast and open-hearted adventurer.

Fun Facts

  • Youngest child in family of 8 in ND
  • First airplane flight at age 18 to Los Angeles to interview for college scholarship
  • Worked for HRH Prince Charles while living in London
  • Full-page cover photo on industry magazine for pioneering approach and team’s award-winning technology post 9-11
  • Missed a turn on a local hike and ended up with spontaneous, first-time paragliding flight off the mountain
  • Earned Professional Ski Instructor Certification one year after learning to ski
  • Rescued via helicopter off PNW mountain after sliding down snow pack and climbing down waterfall before exhausting self-propelled exit options
  • Played competitive beach volleyball in Southern CA
  • Adrift at sea while sailing due to rudder malfunction. Rescued by Grenadines Coast Guard ~16 hours later
  • Official business name is after pet Rhodesian Ridgeback (R.I.P.), a Swahili name meaning purpose

What I Stand For

  • Love: Growth is beautiful, profound, hard, liberating. Growth requires love. Humans require love.
  • Respect: No one is expendable. Beliefs, opinions, myths, thinking are all expendable. I hold myself to knowing the difference. Also, mutual wisdom co-exists beautifully.
  • Gratitude: Seeing the bounty, even of challenge, is the seed of abundance. I am grateful for my work and you opening space in your life and heart.
  • Integration: We are whole beings. Learning in our brain is not the same as learning in our mind or our body. Integration means we move through all areas and levels for real, sustained growth and change.
  • Transparency: We can only change if we see what needs changing. I walk the talk. I do my personal work and will keep doing it until my last breath.
  • Hope & Fortitude: Better me. Better you. Better collective. Better world. Better today and tomorrow.

What to Expect from Me

  • I flow love your way. I am your biggest cheerleader. I know your wholeness and see your brilliance even when you admit only a tiny glimmer of it.
  • I persist with the message that we are, individually and collectively, the engines of what gets created in this world. Our human-divine nature is the source of triumph and struggles, and we choose how to move through.
  • I call you out, with love. Because encouragement is fuel and tiptoeing around something is denial and disservice.
  • I challenge you to find wisdom. No hiding behind labels, stereotypes, myths, old stories or untrue beliefs. Unlearning is a form of wisdom.
  • I remind you of your resources and power to create positive change and help you grow capacity for impact
  • I am on your team. You’re on my team. I’m human. I make mistakes and am always learning and moving through new levels of wisdom, practice and self-actualization. When you see gaps or inconsistencies in my work, please tell me to help me improve and grow and create more value for the team.

How I Do/Don't Do Business

  • I trust your internal wisdom: You know when you want support, need a nudge and are ready for change. I will never intentionally create FOMO messaging or artificial timing constraints to ‘force’ actions. Your stress hurts us both. Your wellbeing serves all.
  • My pricing is fair and respectful: I will never use a string of added bonuses for inflated ‘real value’ to convince you of a deal and prompt buying. I use tiered pricing and sponsorships to make self-actualization accessible to more people.
  • Language matters: I am not a bug, beer can or cardboard box. I am not crushing it. I am not at war with anything and neither are you. We are powerful creators, and our words create. I choose words mindfully and invite you to do the same.
  • I promise to be real: (See also Transparency above.) Consciousness and compassion are like magic words of please and thank you. Inspiration is glorious and powerful; I’ll share it with gusto. Tough stuff is tough. We move through that too, with compassion.
  • Wow, thank you! You joining me for any of my work is my honor and privilege. I am grateful for your time, energy and trust. I am made for this, and you make it possible.