The Power of Myths... to Wreak Havoc

Why unlearning is central to progress, plus a practice to break free so you can grow

Burst of light breaking through chain

Freedom lies in breaking things. Can you feel it?

Myths – lore passed from one generation to the next; a presumed truth lived consciously or without awareness. Maybe myths guide you or bind us, give us identity and help us feel connected to heritage or culture. 

Myths are stories that sometimes turn into beliefs. Beliefs are agreements, implied or intentional.

There’s nothing wrong with myths or stories. The problem comes when myths are invisible, when we don’t realize how they show up in choices and thinking. When we’re not watching, myths can limit what’s possible and restrict choices.

It often takes breaking myths to write new stories.

Growth is all about writing new stories for today to take us on new paths to new outcomes. It’s common to think growth is all about learning more, doing more, adding to what’s present now.

Unlearning is essential for growth. Busting myths is central to learning.

~Sara J. Hebert, Regeneration Today Tweet

Separating from what was, what we know, what we’ve always done or believed may not be easy. The payoffs are so worth it. 

If breaking things triggers guilt, shame or represents failure, that’s a myth to break too. We can totally do this, step-by-step. 

Find encouragement on the flipside – like breaking through to new ideas, breaking out of patterns, and breaking down barriers and constraints. The alternative to not breaking things is carrying all the beliefs we’ve held in life as we try to grow. That is one gigantic load to haul that holds us back.

Even if we hadn’t realized, we’ve been breaking things our whole lives. So, you got this! 

. . . .

Practice Growing

This practice teaches us how to break things! It helps us grow our myth busting muscles. Use it (repeatedly) to break thinking and habits that don’t serve and begin forging new options. Break unintended agreements for greater integrity and alignment. Break out of ingrained beliefs to expanded possibilities.

Follow the instructions and use the images and statements to break into new territory of growth and understanding.

. . . .

What’s needed: 15+ minutes of uninterrupted time, paper and a pen. [Yes, our brains process differently with the mechanics of hand writing. Plus written reflection sticks better than thought-based reflection only. Don’t worry, no one else reads it.]

Step 1: Under each image below, read deliberately through the matching statement. When a statement standouts, quickly jot the name of the image on your page. Don’t hesitate. React only, don’t think.

Step 2: Now look at the list you’ve written. One by one, revisit each statement and image. Use the prompts (below) to explore how each statement applies to you personally. Stay open, using deep breaths and releasing judgments. Remember, the first golden rule of infinite growth is acceptance. Keep the subject matter solely within the domain of yourself (following the golden rule of sovereignty) and avoid imagining another person’s ‘needed’ change.

Use these prompts and add your own:

  • What currently binds you that you wish to break.
  • What space and potential could open up if you break or release something?
  • What new possibilities arise? What might be uncomfortable? Or inviting?
  • Expand the prompts, and repeat the practice to peal away layers that created stagnation.
  • Review your responses and chose one myth or belief to dismantle. Get curious, understand its role in your life and offer gratitude for how it served you. Replace the myth with a new perspective. Put the new perspective into practice. Notice when the myth pops back onto the scene and break the patterns. 

Dislodging things that seem to have been part of us for years or decades can feel hard, yet the dislodging allows new flow.

Fear for breaking engrained practices and belief is natural. So is breaking them. 

What needs breaking in your world so that you may grow into more freedom?

. . . . 

What will you break in your life for more freedom?

Broken Eggs

We break things to use what’s inside for new creations

Breaking ground at construction site

We break things so we can build up from a stronger foundation

Wave breaking

We break things to interrupt patterns and create new momentum

Plant sprouting through earth

We break things so new growth can emerge

Burst of light breaking through chain

We break things to release burden and create freedom

Taking a coffee break - clock and mug

We break things to escape the frenzy and busyness to relax and reset

Broken Coconut

We break things to discover nourishment waiting for us

Broken Glass Pane

We break things to let the light shine through

Insides of a camera

We break things to understand how the inside works

Multi-color mosaic

We break things to reset the pieces with more beauty and intention

Hole in Wall

We break things to get to the other side


We break things to reset, refresh and restart