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Goosebumps - All Head & Heart
Sara's highest value is intellectual horse power + ability to feel and listen. She is all Head + Heart. Every conversation we've had has stayed with me and fueled me in various situations. Conversations with Sara give me goosebumps because I know we're going to dig deep and our conversations will go to levels few others are capable of going to.
— Peter. Entrepreneur, Real Estate Developer, Competitive Athlete
Unlock Your Potential
Sara’s coaching gave me the ability to creatively manage the complexity and pressure of a $1B contract renegotiation producing an incredible result. She understands the connection of the personal and business and really helps unlock your potential. I truly appreciate her genuine care for people. Sara’s highest value: Candidness. Creativity. Strategic. Constantly learning. Does not give up.
— Tony. Global Procurement Executive, Insatiable Learner, Ultimate Foodie
Inspiring Facilitator
Sara brings people together in a way that makes people feel loved, listened to, and comfortable. She's an inspiring facilitator and compels individuals to dig deep to realize their potential. Sara brims with confidence, knows who she is and how to point out beauty in the world around her, and brings the best out of others.
— JoAnne. Marketing & Customer Success, Product Management, Team Development, Outdoor Fiend
Strategic Thinker & Doer
Sara is a strategic thinker and doer. She is a leader who moves things forward even against the winds of resistance. Superpowers: Thoughtfulness & Creativity
— Greg. Principal, Global Consulting, Public Servant, Cyclist
Nuggets of Praise
• Sara sets a vision for others to realize their talents and identify their gifts. • She’s a perceptive and curious questioner with deep intent to help people see things clearly. • We all need people to be honest to improve ourselves and set realistic expectations. Sara did a wonderful job of both things! • Sara helps people be more of who they are. • You are helping me make my dream possible!
— Various
Raising Consciousness
Sara continuously digs deeper into the truth. She is always asking the big questions and is willing to change her perspective if the opportunity arises. Superpower: Raising Consciousness. "You never fail to inspire and impress me with your passion for life, love and learning."
— Nicole. Author, Creator, Teacher, Playwright
Inspire & Connect
Sara has a way of looking past the "basics" and gets to the value of the work. What is the BIG problem we are trying to solve? Her superpowers: The ability to see through the BS. Even more, her ability to inspire and connect you to a greater network/purpose than you thought you could do.
— Michael. Entrepreneur, Brand & Creative, Board Member, Community Creator
Unlock My Business Potential
Sara has helped me to provide deep answers for complex problems. Rather than dealing with them at a surface level, she has helped me, first, to dig deeper for the answer and then afterwards to teach myself how I could look into myself to unlock my business potential and overcome personal limitations. Her high level of professionalism is something that I have rarely seen in any business context.
— Marcello. Business Owner, Entrepreneur Grower, Global Traveler
Combo Deal
• What is truly unique about Sara is a combination of grace, intelligence, and foresight. Whenever we'd talk, I know that we'd make progress from where we started. • Sara combines the gentle touch of a friend, the analytics of a business leader and the deep wisdom of a spiritual leader. • Sara can do projects that are very strategic and techy. Yet in another instant she is a communicator and personal life motivator. She leads teams with her vision. • Sara has a powerful ability to use both sides of her brain. She is an academic genius, yet she is able to understand spiritual concepts that go beyond the mind. She is able to practice mindfulness and love with an intellectual twist.
— Various
Deep wisdom & playful nature
Sara helps her clients dig deep into their hearts to find their “why.” From your “why,” you get to your “what.” She uses a heart-centric approach, but her Yale MBA head is always near should analytics be required. Sara’s highest value is her ability help you open to what you likely already know and let go of what society has conditioned you to accept. The wisdom and knowledge she helps you gain, only comes when you are ready to accept it. This could be while you are working with her, or years later. Superpowers: Deep wisdom & playful nature
— Kristy. Founder & President, Entrepreneur, Renewable Energy & Climate Change Leader
More Nuggets of Praise
• Sara is very warm, heartfelt, and wicked smart. She's got an energy that radiates all of that. • Sara helps businesses and people get pointed in the right direction. • Sara is a strategic thinker able to listen to situations, challenging circumstances, digging deeper to underlying root problems that are not easily recognizable.
— Various
• Sara has unique perspective and an ability to cut through all of the superfluous things and get to the heart of an issue. • Honesty; she puts everything out on the table and brings awareness and insight • Ability to listen, encourage, and turn those observations into actionable long-term plans.
— Various
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