Get into Flow!

Personal Coaching
& Skiing Combined

Coaching on The Lifts. Get into Flow and Level-up!

It’s Time to Refresh!

When’s the last time you combined exhilarating physical activity with stimulating conversation? Too long ago, right? We all need a break, a refresher from back-to-back days at work. Mountain vistas and flow state are just the ticket to clear your mind and create breakthroughs in perspective.

Personal Coaching Meets Skiing

Coaching on the Lifts takes personal coaching to new heights, mixing in flow-state of alpine skiing. It’s a getaway, play day, personal day and professional development wrapped into one. In a few hours, you shake off old layers and move into new territory for your highest work and best living.

Step onto the glorious crispness of groomed slopes or – when luck strikes – the memorizing quiet of blankets of fresh snow. Mind chatter vanishes. After a couple runs, you tune into your body and feel endorphins kick-in. Flow state of turn-after-turn paired with expert coaching conversation on lift rides opens you to ahhs and ah-has!

Plus, simply enjoy the luxury of mid-week skiing without lift lines or crowds. Return home or to the office refreshed, refueled and ready to level up.

The slopes are calling you.

Clear your headspace

Your Coaching Session Explained

Before you arrive. If you’re new to my coaching, we start with intake. Sharing your written responses to a set of questions incubates your aims and ideas and acquaints me with you. When we arrive in person, we quickly get to the heart of what matters most to you.
Coffee and eye contact. Goggles can make things a little impersonal, so we start with brief face-to-face time to set-up the day. ~15 minutes
Coach & Ski – Session 1. Mid-week skiing means no lift lines and chairs to ourselves for private conversation. We use the lift ride for coaching conversation. Your focus dictates the topics we explore. When the lift ride ends, the ski fun begins. Gliding – or charging, if that’s your speed – down the mountain shifts you out of thinking mind and creates space for new insights to pop in. Lift talk. Ski. Repeat. ~60 to 90 minutes.
Refuel. Skiing feeds the spirit and taps the fuel tank. We’ll take a break for conversation, hydration and a bite to eat. Normally we eat lunch in the lodge, but bring a snack just in case. ~20 to 40 minutes. See details page.
Coach & Ski – Session 2. Lift talk. Ski. Repeat. ~60 to 90 minutes.

How to Book Your Session


Come back in November 2021 for an updated schedule and book your refresh experience for 2021-2022 snow sports season.


Seattle-area Steven’s Pass is home base, part of Vail Resorts family and Epic Pass. Or make a special request (+$50) for different PNW ski area. 

Not in PNW? Typically, I visit 7-8 resorts per season, but we all know this is not a typical year. Contact me to explore how our snow sports location might sync.


1. Place a calendar hold. Use a digital calendar to reserve your desired date and time. Please allow 3 days to finalize booking. If a desired date shows as unavailable, place hold on an alternate date that works for you and add your first choice date information in comments. 

2. Read Details PageKnow what to expect for your refresh.

3. Submit intake forms and payment. Using email Instructions to Complete Your Booking, complete and sign forms and remit payment. Plus, we’ll call to be sure you have everything you need for a great coaching-ski session.

Questions? Send a quick contact to connect, get your answers and get booked.

Don't miss your 2021-2022 refresh breakthrough!