Coaching for Meaningful Success

Only when our clever brain and our human heart work together in harmony can we
achieve our true potential.

~Jane Goodall


Think of my coaching like archaeology. I haven’t created any of the treasures, but I’m fully equipped to guide you in unearthing them.

Your coaching experience centers on what deeply matters to you. We go beyond the surface. We find meaning beneath words. We shed light on matters so you see can something new and experience insights. Your understanding changes. Your story changes. You learn to integrate insights into actions and thinking, so the change sticks. You create a new future.

Questions help you observe and peal the layers. Awareness and curiosity become trusted tools, and discoveries become part of how you live and work. New options and perspective pop into focus. That said, it’s personal and uncharted territory, and old ways may take time to fade.

Insights and integration continue emerging long after your official coaching is complete. Clients tell me repeatedly that years later our work together keeps creating clarity and ease for them. Your investment in yourself and coaching pays dividends indefinitely.

Getting Started

Your steps to begin coaching are simple:

  • Review coaching programs below to choose the best option for you, or choose after we’ve talked.
  • Send a few details in the Contact form to schedule your introductory conversation.
  • Get answers to your questions, and discover whether we are a good fit.
  • Review and sign your coaching agreement.
  • Officially begin the coaching experience with your Coaching Intake Session.
  • For groups and organizations, see Services options and Contact me to start the conversation.

Choose Coaching

Meaning-Maker Coaching

100% personalized to your needs right now no matter the situation. This 13 week program is right for everyone ready to engage in self-discovery for breakthroughs and freedom in life and work.

Also, check out targeted programs described below for those common junctures in life that call for special attention.

Format: Coaching sessions happen in person, via phone or video call. An intake process jumps us quickly to what matters most to you right now. Regular engagement at the start is key, so we connect every 7-14 days. “Homework” between conversations keeps you actively in the process. All coaching programs are tailored to you. 

Mid-Cycle* Re-Calibration

Psst. Let me share a secret. Sensing something is missing is a good thing. It’s a sign new wisdom is surfacing, and it’s time to step into new and more. 

That inkling is not cause for concern or shame. You can be at the top of your game and hear an inner prompt to discover what awaits. The message is often louder and more urgent when you’re not thriving. 

Get curious. Don’t keep your wisdom on hold. It’s time to re-calibrate.

*Mid-life, career, relationship (yes, I coach partners), start-up cycle, parenting, retirement, etc.

Jump Start: 100 Days

Navigating change or building new capacity calls for integration. You meld what has worked with new conditions, insights and practices.

Without an intentional approach, transition and change can become train wrecks of bad/old habits meeting new territory.

“Problems [aka opportunities] cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.”

Whether it’s emerging from disruption, leaping into a dream project, building new habits, revamping relationships or scaling a professional endeavor, make an intentional jump start.

Coaching on the Lifts

If you need a reboot or the grind is getting to you, play is a must-add to your approach. Science proves play is valuable for growth and peak performance.

Play relieves stress, sparks creativity, helps you see more clearly and contribute more effectively. Play connects.

Coaching on the Lifts combines expert coaching conversations and flow state of skiing. It’s play that opens you to recharge and discover insights.

Whether you call it play or hooky or work, you’re investing in yourself, your well-being and your best work.