Coaching for Meaningful Success

Only when our clever brain and our human heart work together in harmony can we achieve our true potential.

~Jane Goodall


Yes, you’re ready to level-up! By bringing in a coach for support and guidance, you start with an advantage. If you knew on your own how to do or be what you want next in life, you’d be making it happen already.

Our work together strengthens and reconnects you with your inner knowing and true desires so you can be and do you better than ever. I introduce you to a growth model to practice and reference throughout your coaching experience and beyond.

Clients tell me repeatedly that our work together creates new clarity and ease even years after our coaching engagement ends. Your investment in yourself and coaching pays dividends indefinitely.

Coaching for Deep Happiness

My coaching is a bridge from the life you lead today to a life of ease and energy that matches who you are at the core. Your learning and growth brings you into alignment. My approach maps to Aristotle’s wisdom of Eudaimonia, or deep happiness. Our focus is the GAME of you.


Know who/what you are not and become more of who you really are.


Discover and live more of yourself.


Do and enjoy what matters most to you.


Live in the experience of your best self.

In short, you know you so you can live what’s most meaningful and create a life of true happiness.

GAME of you


Outside you, not you

Game of You - Inner Focus

Where’s the focus?

How it Works

Content: All coaching is 100% tailored to you. An intake process jumps us quickly to what matters most to you. I’ll introduce you to a growth model to practice and reference throughout your coaching experience and beyond.

Format: Via phone or video call. Local clients may choose in-person sessions once restrictions lift.

Duration: New client engagements are 13 weeks. If you want to work together longer than a quarter year, let’s do it. However, I’ll invite you first to take a break and test your new discoveries and skills on your own. I believe great coaches ‘teach you to fish.’

Cadence: Regular interaction supports progress, so we connect every 7-14 days for 30-50 minutes depending on the options you select. ‘Homework’ between coaching conversations keeps you active in your growth and discovery process.

Extra Value: My mid-cycle reflection process allows you to brief me on what’s happening outside of our coaching conversations. Then in our sessions, we don’t spend time ‘catching-up.’ Instead our time and attention centers on the most meaningful elements.

Signs You're Ready for Coaching

Man with outstretched arms in foreground of mountain landscape
  • What you know to do no longer works. It’s time for a new approach, perspective or skills, because what got you here won’t get you there.
  • You want something more. You can be at the top of your game and feel prompted to discover what awaits. In tougher times, the message may be louder or more urgent. 
  • You sense something is missing. That’s not cause for shame or concern. It’s a sign wisdom is surfacing, and it’s time to step into new and more.
  • Life delivers a major or unexpected interruption or opportunity. Navigating change and building new capacity calls for integration. An intentional approach avoids the train wreck of old/bad practices meeting new territory.
  • A mid-cycle bell is ringing. A fresh view during a major life segment can move you out of a valley to a new horizon. Think mid-life, career, relationship (yes, I coach partners), start-up cycle, parenting, retirement, etc.
  • You have self-help fatigue. Your answers are not in a book written by someone else. That’s why our focus is you learning to uncover your own answers.

How to Get Started

Decide: Use the calendar to schedule a chat to get answers to questions answered and discover whether we’re a good fit. If you’re not ready for a chat but have questions, please send details via Contact Us.

Complete Intake: It’s a go! Next select coaching options, sign agreement and remit payment. Complete intake assessment in preparation for extended Coaching Introduction session.

Coaching Engagement: Kick-off with 90-120 minute Coaching Introduction session, then 13 weeks of regularly scheduled coaching conversations. Get Quick-Contact Support as needed.

Groups and organizations, please contact me so we can design your engagement.

Whether you’re looking for a mid-cycle recalibration or 100 days jump-start, or you want to level-up or add meaning and depth, I’m humbled at the opportunity to work together.

Refresh & Get in Flow with Coaching-Ski Combo

Seasonal Offering

Coaching on the Lifts combines expert coaching conversations and flow state of skiing. It’s play that recharges, and an experience that opens you to ahs and ah-has.

Whether you call it play, hooky or a personal development day, you’re investing in yourself, your well-being and your best work.

Don’t miss this seasonal offering.